Security Cameras and VMS for Government and Public Security


The first responsibility of any nation’s government is to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens and the nation’s property. When preparing for or responding to any emergency – be it terrorist attack or natural disaster – having the right equipment and resources in place make all the difference. SecuTech Arabia is ready to support federal, state and local government agencies with leading edge technology to help meet this responsibility.


SecuTech Arabia is proud to be the best security solution provider in Saudi Arabia , with a national network of authorized resellers ready to support the unique applications and requirements of government customers. SecuTech Arabia is the preferred choice for many of the world’s most sensitive and secure installations. Security borders and ports, government facilities, embassies and military bases, SecuTech Arabia answers the call by incorporating leading video security technologies to deliver the most trusted solutions available.


DIACAP & Information Assurance


Increasingly aware of potential susceptibilities to their network infrastructures, government organizations and private companies alike are demanding that systems residing on their networks meet set requirements to operate in a more secure manner. Many of these organizations are working with risk management programs such as DIACAP (DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process) or NIACAP (National Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process. DIACAP, NIACAP and similar programs provide the framework for Systems Administrators to identify cyber risk areas, develop risk mitigation plans, certify systems for operation, while providing guidance for ongoing operation and maintenance.


To meet the needs of these kinds of installations,SecuTech Arabia is developing a comprehensive Information Assurance program to:


  • Remediate firmware and software for known cyber risks
  • Support ongoing risk management programs like DIACAP and NIACAP
  • Offer options in all SecuTech Arabia product lines


Whether for DIACAP, NIACAP, or other risk mitigation installations,SecuTech Arabia’s Information Assurance program addresses the needs of Systems Administrators for cyber threat attacks down to the device.