Video People counting Solutions


Highly accurate and versatile people counting systems for sophisticated data gathering.SecuTech Arabia’s new video-based counting solutions identify people or specific objects passing beneath video counters fitted to the ceiling inside each entrance.


Video counting or computer vision is the most advanced type of people counting. Our systems use embedded software to make it affordable, robust and easily scalable. These video people counting cameras offer the best way of ensuring accurate footfall and queue counting where dense crowding and slow moving pedestrian traffic occurs.


Our Video counting solutions can offer:


  •  Collection and storage of metrics at one minute intervals.
  •  Filtering of objects based on height, shape and size, i.e. shopping carts and pushchairs as desired.
  •  Latest New Feature – Advanced Units can now automatically assess shopping units by tracking and grouping people acting like a couples or family units.
  •  Robust and accurate metrics across a broad set of environments: indoor/outdoor and high traffic.
  •  Guarantees accuracy of over 95%.
  •  Adjusts automatically to environmental changes: lighting, temperature,etc.
  •  Easy, unobtrusive, overhead mounting with support for oblique views.
  •  Supports scheduled streaming digital video output for remote data validation.
  •  Flash memory stores configuration settings Micro SD storage stores 1 year of data to one year to protect against loss.
  •  Real-time data delivery – facilitating live occupancy management.
  •  Work down to low ambient light levels.
  •  Advanced units can be configured for multiple entrances, queue management and customer tracking and retail heat-mapping – please see the articles below or contact our sales team for more details.