Thermal People Counting Solution


SecuTech Arabia Thermal counters are the most widely used people counting solutions with many units distributed by SecuTech Arabia over the decade.  People counting systems accurately detect people by their body heat profile and can therefore count bi-directionally even when a number of people are passing simultaneously.

Ideal for general people traffic counting, measuring live occupancy, queue management and a range of security applications, they are widely used to monitor footfall in the transport, banking, retail, security and leisure industries.


Thermal counters are non-intrusive and unaffected by light, heat or inanimate objects, which can destabilize other technologies. Their usual accuracy is more than 96%.


The SecuTech Arabia’s People Counting solutions with video capability is state of the art.


People Counting systems have other advantages too:


  • They can be linked from a number of entrances to bring data to a central location
  • Can be linked together to cover wide entrances
  • They use power via Ethernet, keeping wiring simple
  • With our RECAP software you can monitor multiple entrances, areas and sites
  • You can also manage occupancy data through a live feed to the base unit
  • Thermal counters can also be used for Tailgate Monitoring
  • On-board solid state memory holds configuration and count data in the event of network issues
  • Provide higher accuracy that beam counters in standard locations
  • No privacy or security issues because no image is taken