BIO-metric Time Attendance


Employers are discovering that time and attendance technologies, such as barcode ID cards, proximity cards, PINs and manual punch clocks, are inexpensive short-term fixes but, in the long run, they can be exploited and are susceptible to fraud, rendering them a poor long-term solution. Biometrics solves these problems by eliminating sharing, swapping, stealing and loss of PINs, passwords and ID cards.


On average, 19 percent of employees admit that they have buddy punched at least once in the past year and 74 percent of all companies report that they have experienced a loss from buddy punching. It’s bad enough that the workplace misses out on the expected labor of the missing employee. However, according to the American Payroll Association, this practice costs companies between five to seven percent in payroll costs.


Biometrics is essential to knowing who is coming to work and offers further conveniences for the user and administrator. With biometric time & attendance applications, an organization can know that employee are actually there, not just their swipe cards. Furthermore, administrators can also personalize employee communications: shift schedules can be communicated and vacation balances retrieved. Multiple units can be networked into a central time & attendance recordkeeping system. Interface software can be tailored to meet multiple recordkeeping needs, including programmable data management keys that collect specific data when employees are verified.


While the reliability of some biometric technologies are hampered by dry fingerprints often found among office workers, SecuTech Arabia multispectral sensors are able to look beneath the skin’s surface and capture the internal fingerprint even when no external print is visible. The result is higher efficiency and greater user satisfaction.