Secutech Arabia RFID Technology


The Secutech Arabia RFID access control system can report any unauthorized access and issue an alert to the host software. In addition, it can be used to trigger cameras and video recorders in order to capture unauthorized or authorized access in real-time.


Benefits of using Secutech Arabia RFID Systems:


  • Provides an access control solution that is truly hands-free and unencumbered
  • Badges can be read up to 5 meters (~16 feet) from the access control doorway or portal
  • Installation is easy, thanks to the wireless communications between Secutech’s RFID readers and the host computer
  • Allows surveillance cameras and video recording equipment to be triggered when certain user-specified RFID events occur
  • Secutech’s RFID tracker software allows RFID asset tags to be linked with the owner’s access control badge to control movement of critical and high-value items into, out of, and within the facility