SecuTech Arabia Biometric Access Control


SecuTech Arabia has successfully integrated and installed cutting-edge biometric security devices such as fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners and hand geometry readers. Unlike keys, cards or number sequences, biometric security readers provide access control that cannot be transferred. There is just no way to fake it – a person must be physically present at the point of identification in order to gain access.


SecuTech Arabia can incorporate a combination of biometric and traditional card and proximity readers, giving you the flexibility to mix and match to suit your needs. Our Trigotimesoftware seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of biometric security devices for complete access control within your facilities.


Since 2001, SecuTech Arabia has been a leading solution provider of biometrics software used in thousands of systems for government and private applications including border management, law enforcement, defense, credentialing, and access control. Our solutions are used for a variety of critical biometric functions including fingerprint, face, and iris enrollment, hardware abstraction, quality assurance, standards compliance, middleware and workflow, and biometric matching. We also provides oftware engineering services to help customers integrate and configure our products.


SecuTech Arabia is a biometrics pioneer holding a leadership position in biometrics matching technology since the 2001.


Today, with many deployments in middle east especially in Saudi Arabia, SecuTech Arabia continues to be the leading solution provider and one of the largest market share holders of Multi-Modal Biometrics Identification System worldwide.


With its commitment to research and development (R&D), SecuTech Arabia continues to provide the most innovative and accurate algorithms that meet and exceed. Working with SecuTech Arabia  means accessing decades of biometrics expertise and technologies for optimal performance, accuracy and reliability.