Security Cameras and VMS for Data Center Security


Video security is playing an increasingly critical role in the protection and improved operation of data centers around the world. And advances in video and IP technology make it possible to incorporate video security into integrated solutions for data centers – encompassing IT networks, electrical distribution, HVAC control and access control. Such integration brings higher security, lower capital expenditures and reduced operating expenses for data centers.


Dater center security is an often overlooked but critical element in the efficient and effective operation of data centers. And SecuTech Arabia proudly offers the industry’s most complete selection of video security solutions to provide your facility with the critical protection you demand. With our suite of IP cameras and video management systems, providing data center security from a centralized or even remote location is more efficient than ever.

Data Center Security Quick Hits


  • Monitor data center access
  • Protect data and equipment for multiple tenants of co-located data centers
  • Safeguard critical support infrastructure, electrical sub-station, chiller plant, back-up generators, fuel storage
  • Integrate with other building systems for situational awareness
  • Monitor large and remote data sites, while
  • Optimize expenditures on physical security staff